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Waste Clearance Nottingham

We have in house processes for dealing with and splitting waste to try and reduce landfill and recycle things as and where they need to go. As a company, not only are we licensed to the top tier by the environment agency we are now a certified green registered company with an ISO14001 in place. This means as little waste as possible will go to landfill, on average up to 90% of the waste removed during the clearance will be recycled one way or another and we keep all documentation to evidence this.

Here at Vale Clearances, we are very aware of the issues relating to waste disposal and the effect it is having on the environment and we want to do everything we can to contribute to the solution not add to the problem. Therefore, we always deal with waste in the best way possible and aim to recycle, reuse, or redistribute at every opportunity.

When recycling is not possible all waste is disposed of using waste transfer stations registered with the Environment Agency. Remember if your waste is not disposed of correctly, or if you choose to use an unlicensed carrier you could be liable for fines of up to £5,000.

Our waste licence is available to view at all times and is reflected on all paperwork.

Vale Clearances offers Waste Clearance & Waste Removal Services in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Lincolnshire and beyond.