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Legal Requirements

Legally it is the responsibility of the producer of the waste to make sure that whoever is used to carry out waste removal is legally allowed to do so. Someone who carries out house clearances should be in possession of an upper tier waste carriers’ licence which can only be issued by the environment agency and they must be fully insured. If someone were to take away your waste and then not dispose of it correctly you personally could be liable for a fine of up to £5000. A simple man and van service is not recommended which is why we wear and carry our logo with pride on all of our vehicles and our fully uniformed staff.


Things you should do when arranging someone to carry out a clearance.


  • Check the persons/company carrying out the job hold a valid in date waste carrier’s licence applicable to the correct tier.

  • If they hold a licence, make sure you request a receipt or invoice for the work done which will ensure you have proof of who took your waste.

  • If you are unsure or have suspicions of what is happening to your waste you can ask to see ‘the duty of care waste transfer receipt’ this is something all companies are legally obliged to fill in and keep a copy of for a minimum period of 2 years. This way you can be confident that your waste was disposed of correctly and responsibly.


Using an unlicensed clearance person or a man with a van company who may not have the correct insurances and licences in place could end up being a very expensive oversight. Paying cash at the door is not advised as a genuine company will always invoice with payment terms agreed prior.

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