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Vale Clearances offers a comprehensive range of services, including:

Full Property Clearance: Full property clearance involves the complete removal of all items and belongings from a property. Whether it's a house, apartment, office, or any other space, our expert team will systematically clear everything, leaving the premises completely empty. This service is ideal for those looking to prepare a property for sale, renovation, or for a fresh start.

Partial Clearance: In some cases, you may not need a full property clearance. A partial clearance service allows you to specify the areas or specific items you want to be cleared. This can be a cost-effective and practical solution for situations where only specific rooms or sections of a property need to be cleared.

Estate Clearance: Estate clearance is a specialised service designed to assist families and individuals dealing with the challenging task of handling the belongings of a deceased loved one. Our empathetic team understands the sensitivity of such situations and can efficiently clear the property, ensuring that valuable items are preserved and sentimental items are handled with care.

Hoarding Clearance: Our team is trained to handle such situations with compassion and professionalism. We provide comprehensive hoarding clearance services, focusing on decluttering, organisation, and creating a clean and safe living environment.

Cleaning and Sanitisation: Cleaning and sanitisation go hand in hand with property clearance. Once the clutter is removed, our team ensures that the property is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised. We use high-quality cleaning products and techniques to eliminate dirt, grime, and potential health hazards, leaving the property in a pristine condition.

Recycling and Responsible Disposal: We are committed to environmental responsibility. During the clearance process, we sort items for recycling and responsible disposal. Items that can be reused are distributed to the local community all other items are recycled. This eco-friendly approach helps minimize the environmental impact of the clearance process.


No matter the size or scope of your project, we have the expertise to handle it efficiently and effectively.

If you're ready to make the process of property clearance stress-free, cost-effective, and respectful, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly team is ready to discuss your needs, provide a free quote, and schedule your property clearance service at a time that suits you.





Cost-Effective Solutions: We understand that affordability matters. Clearing a property can be a daunting task, but we offer competitive rates without compromising on the quality of our services. Our vans hold the equivalent of 2.5 skips!

Sensitive Handling: We recognise that property clearances can be emotionally challenging. Our compassionate team will treat your belongings and the property with the utmost care and sensitivity. We'll work at your pace, ensuring you're comfortable throughout the process.

Discreet and Confidential: Your privacy is important to us. Vale Clearances handles each project with the utmost discretion, ensuring your personal and sensitive information remains confidential.

Empathetic Team: Our team is trained to listen to your concerns and provide support during a potentially difficult time. We approach every project with empathy and respect, understanding that each situation is unique.

DBS Checked Staff: Your safety and peace of mind are our priorities. Our staff undergo rigorous background checks, including Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks, ensuring that you can trust the professionals working in your property.

Sustainability: During the clearance process any unwanted items will be taken away and either donated to someone in need in the local community through our charity partnerships or recycled through our waste partners creating zero landfill waste.

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