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FAQs -Your Essential Guide to Common Questions About Removals Companies Near Me

  1. What Services Do You Offer? 

At Vale Clearances, we provide an array of services for your property clearance, home and office removals needs. This includes packing and unpacking, as well as dismantling and reassembling items, cleaning and more. Our offerings extend to storage solutions, international moves, and specialised moving services.


  1. What Is Your Pricing Structure? 

Our pricing at Vale Clearances is affordable and based on the number of vans and team members required for your specific job. Unlike other removals companies, we don't impose deposits or additional charges, like key waiting time fees. We are fully transparent with our charges and flexible to the needs of our customers.


  1. Are You Licensed and Insured? 

It's crucial to entrust your move to a licensed and insured home removals company for the safety of your belongings. At Vale Clearances, we have the necessary insurance and licences in place, and we're happy to provide certificates upon request.


  1. How Far in Advance Should I Book?

 For your preferred moving date, it's advisable to secure a booking with a home removals company as early as possible. However, we know that the moving process can sometimes be unpredictable which is why we are able to offer flexibility with date changes and can even accommodate short-notice bookings.


  1. What Is Your Cancellation Policy? 

We offer flexibility for date changes, but please note that last-minute cancellations without rebooking might incur a cancellation fee.


  1. Do You Offer Packing Supplies? 

At Vale Clearances, we supply packing essentials like boxes, tape, and bubble wrap. Feel free to enquire about pricing and availability.


  1. Will You Disassemble and Reassemble Furniture? 

Absolutely. Vale Clearances includes furniture disassembly and reassembly as part of our comprehensive services. Just let us know before the move and our moving team will be happy to assist.


8.     Do You Provide Assistance with Packing? 

Yes, at Vale Clearances, we offer professional packing services to ensure your belongings are safely and securely packed for the move. Our team is skilled in efficient packing techniques.

Our tailored services include; full house packing, partial packing or fragile only packing.


9.     Can You Handle Fragile or Special Items? 

Certainly. Vale Clearances has expertise in handling fragile or special items like antiques, delicate electronics, or valuable artwork. We take extra care and precautions to protect such items during the move.


10.   Is Storage Available If I Need it? 

Yes, we can offer storage solutions for short or long-term needs subject to availability. Our secure storage facilities are suitable for keeping your belongings safe until you're ready to have them delivered.


11.   What Happens to Items Cleared from the Property? 

Depending on their condition, items cleared from the property are sorted for recycling, donation to charity, or responsible disposal. We have a zero landfill waste policy to ensure minimal environmental impact.


12.   How Do You Ensure the Safety of Belongings During Transit? 

We take every precaution to secure your belongings during transit. Our team uses appropriate packing materials, secure loading techniques, and safe driving practices to safeguard your items.


13.   Are You Equipped to Handle Large or Bulky Items? 

Absolutely. Our team is experienced in handling large or bulky items such as furniture, pianos, or heavy machinery. We have the necessary equipment and expertise for safe transportation.


14.   Can I Get an Estimate Before Booking? 

Yes, if you're looking for a removals companies near me look no further Vale Clearances offers free quotes. Feel free to contact us with details about your move, and we'll provide you with an estimate tailored to your requirements.

If you have any further questions please reach out and we will be happy to answer them!

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